Monday, 6 April 2015

Dragons from Days of Yore.

A pair of 80s Dragons.

A look at a pair of dragons I got hold of and what I think of them. The first I tracked down after seeing it online somewhere and thinking how cool it was. Mine came from America where dragons are supposed to still roam the skies... actually thats a lie - sorry to dash your dreams, but it did take a Transatlantic flight, on an Airmail plane. I subsequently found that I could have saved myself a lot of postage and waiting and got one from Second City Games in the UK. Oh well.

The second I stumbled over on ebay, but missing half its tail. For a few pounds of flesh (that's three or four quid in money) he/she was all mine.

Ral Partha Fish Dragon

The title says it all really. Its a dragon by Ral Partha from quite some time ago, that looks very fish like, apart from the legs. I left off the wings of mine and had to patch over the 'lug holes' where they join. I now have a spare pare of wings to use on something too.

I've got some better photos of this one since, with final highlights done so I'll be posting them soon

Fish Dragon
There's something fishy about that dragon...
I must say the dragon is a great scultp. The scales are really well defined, the tail has a beautiful goldfish styled fan and the fishy head is dramatic and creepy. Other nice touches are the webbed claws and webbing between the leg/body transition. To merge the solid base in with a large, square base I built up a ridge with cork and gravel. The extra height suits the stooping style of the giant lizard and should help keep his head out of the way when he charges headlong into his dinner, on the battlefield.

Only thing I'm not sure of is my colour scheme. Its a little boring really and I might have been better served going for something a little more nautical; blues and silvers with rainbowing, reflective patterns comes to mind. Instead I went for a swampy-fish look of a pretty dull greenish colour with a ruddy orange spine/head/tail and stripes. Some days I'm really pleased with it, others I'm fairly underwhelmed. Perhaps if I get another (and put the wings on that one) I can try out the more 'fantastic' scheme

Tom Meier Dragon

This is something of a veteran that, as far as I can tell, has been sold as both a red and black dragon at different times. I decided to do it red. I also had to build my own tail for it, since it was missing, though this did contribute to its affordability!

Tom Meier Dragon, tail sculpt
The head bone's connected to the back-bone, the back-bone's connected to the... oh, where's the tail-bone?
Its a slightly gribbly sculpt with bubbly belly scales and twisty looking spines. I also like how the scales down the neck and flanks are like armoured plating, rather than the typical little diamonds that many dragons get. It also has a really good head with its enormous tusks and gaping, fanged maw, horns and rolling tongue. This model certainly ticks the boxes for me, I can almost hear it growling!

Tom Meier Red Dragon, nearly finished
Nothing remarkable was attempted in this paint job. I kept it simple, coherent and distinct with yellow belly, orange transitional scales (the small ones) and bright red major scales. I gave it green eyes to stand out strongly, which I thinks works rather nicely. The wings took a while to decide upon, but a netural brown striping effect seemed to suite in my mind's eye so that's what I went with.

Oh, alright. The Hydra

Well, it was supposed to be a post about dragons. I may as well show off my other big monster, the C27 Hydra. This is a rather ancient Citadel mini. The heads are a pain to glue on (base of the neck) and the body is a heavy, slightly softly detailed lump of solid metal. COOL!

Citadel's C27 Hydra
What has four legs, seven heads, eight mouths and bad breath?
This monster got glued, based and painted as soon as I got my hands on it. I snapped it up for cheap (as usual!) but spared no expense in thinking about how to go about it. I shoved all the heads on with glue and they all fell off again. So I ground out the glue, tidied up and did it again, this time supporting each one carefully. This seems to have worked, though I could have pinned them if I hadn't been so excited at cracking on with it.

I then slapped muddy green and pale yellow browns over everything - another beast from the swamps - contrasting a nicely shiny-varnished purple for the tongues. Then, in a moment of inspiration, red eyes. Feeling it lacked something I put richer green stripes on it and lightly stippled this up the necks in little patches. 

It took me about 2hrs, plus some time putting flock and clumps on the base. Sure it was quick and I didn't really have to think about it but I love it. Mostly due to the model itself I should think. Its so twisted and evil I think those Greeks really did invent the most awesome cast of nightmare creatures.

That makes me think - one day I might set about making/painting models with Greek Mythological horrors and monsters. There'd be the Hydras, Titans (like ogres, sort of), harpies, hell hounds, Pegasus the winged horse, giant Dionysian boars... wait a minute, this sounds like Warhammer's monstrous hordes here!


  1. Really amazing work! I'm astounded at your sculpting ability - that dragon tail is grant - the scales seem very well defined.
    And for what it's worth, I like the paint scheme on the fish dragon. Something more blue or bright green might of almost made the thing seem comical - but your red and dirty green make is seem much more fiendish.

  2. Thanks, the scales weren't as tough as I thought they might be, though they took a fair bit of fiddling to get right. I just copied what was already there!