Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Better Late Than Never

A Failed April Fools

Well, I thought about posting an April Fools thing but, being busy this week with that thing called 'having a real job' and being sort of tired, I never came up with anything to post. So I won't bother now and instead look at shields and some freehand stuff on a wizard.

Menghil's Shields

I bought these solid metal shields from Second City Games' ebay shop, along with a rather surprising catch of another Marauder Dark Elf Warrior that I didn't have (you'll have to wait for him though). They have some other pre-owned models up for grabs if you look hard enough - happy hunting.

Fantasy shield designs 1
Various freehand and sculpted designs
Pretty straightforward stuff they come in packs of five identical shields. I picked up 2 packs of plain shields, 1 each of central star shaped boss and sculpted dragon design - all nicely done. Casting is generally fine, the usual injection/venting stuff to clean up and the odd 'ding' on some, like the left most shield for example, but nothing shield breaking. The dragon shields had some mold slippage overlap around the edge but they cleaned up nicely. Only the plain shields have wooden boards sculpted on the back but the metal is soft enough that I scored the same onto the other sets as well with the back of an x-acto blade tip.

I'd been looking for a while for shields for this company and decided, eventually, to take a bit of a punt on these ones. The different designs helps break up some of the uniformity of the troopers, but they're similar enough to maintain that regimented look which isn't really a bad thing. I think Menghil's' company have come together pretty well - now to get those last few bases clumped and flocked up (tomorrow morning) and I can get some finished photos at the weekend. Exciting!

Citadel Shields

These are a selection of the classic 'bad guy' shields that I've got for the second warriors company. They're oddly shaped which makes life a tad tricky and the enormous central boss limits space and design potential. I ground some of the bosses off to resolve that problem.

Fantasy shield designs 2
Need to decide on the edges - black is a little harsh for most of them

I started out with the intention of doing demon faces on all of them to tie in with the demonic faced banners. It takes a long time - and gets frustrating! - to get a good looking tiny face like the one on the left... x20, so started experimenting with patterns and effects as well. Trust me to lose the focus but I think it creates the variation that the regimented colour scheme of the army lacks, so I'm happy.

This company look quite distinct from the first, with a wide variety of poses (all but a handful are unique) and many, varied shields and weapons. I'm not sure which I prefer yet - I might mix the two companies up to see how it looks and see which configurations you lot prefer.

Dark Elf Wizard

This guy is a pretty decent model though I think the one I picked up had something filed off on his robe at the back. He looks pretty angry although the detailing on his face is a tad loose. He has a very 80's big, curled collar, fancy robe and shoulder pads with a twisted and contorted hand posture for some flashy, magical showmanship. Contrast this with the workman-like rolled up sleeves and you have a model firmly rooted in the almost-ridiculous, almost-brilliance of the 'Golden Age' of Citadel design.

dark elf wizard's robe detail
Green and yellow were chosen this time. Just to be different.
I needed to fill the blank space down his back so tried out a fast and loose twinned serpent design. I could have gone all neatly symmetrical, I realised after I finished, but this was what came out. I should have taken my usual habit of drawing it out on paper a few more times before starting and I could have done something a little more refined. Ah well, the opposition will never see it since this guy would never run away, right?

I still haven't figured out what he is holding in that lower hand though - anyone have any idea?


  1. I can't freehand to save myself, so I'm always very impressed when I can see others who can do it well.

    I like the snake/dragon motif on the sorcerers robe....tasty.


  2. The Wizard's cloak in particular is absolutely sensational.
    My own freehand work is probably worse than "the one's", and like him I never tire of seeing it done so well.

  3. I find that freehand is all a question of patience! Usually, though not with the shields, I'll draw it out on paper first to see how it looks. Then practice it a few times to make sure I can actually repeat/refine it.

    I'll probably do a step-by-step for the next banner I work on, so check back for that because it'll be coming soon ;)