Thursday, 12 March 2015

State of Affairs 1

This title will be attributed to all general WIP updates on painting and modelling projects. Not terribly descriptive but it'll do.

To get started I'm going to double up on some of the posts I've made over on the Oldhammer forum, a valuable place to go if you have any interest in early Games Workshop or Citadel miniatures.

WIP models

This model has been knocking around for years in a terrible black, artist's acrylic paintjob. That had to change (click images to enbigify):
Space Marine Sergeant, bionic leg and powerfist.

Ahh, a proper looking space soldier, with a gauntlet that doesn't weigh somewhere between oversized and ridiculous. He also has a prosthetic, robotic leg. Cool!

I've also been working on an early (or at least earlier) Citadel Dark Elf army. It's coming together, albeit slowly. Here's a few snaps I've taken recently of some of the models so far:

Dark Elves with shields and hand weapons. A few have spears too!
As you can see, this unit is tantalisingly close to completion, and the sneaky black primered guys at the back have since been painted. I'll be getting photos of them soon.

Check out my Protist's Works Progressive thread at the Oldhammer forum to see more of my old models from late 2013 onwards.

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